Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I am because we are...

So with Ezra's first birthday coming up in June I decided to ask that people make a donation to An Orphan's Ticket Home as opposed to getting him presents. I made this little montage to show why it is so important that we remember the people of Ethiopia daily.

View this montage created at One True Media
Montage of Ethiopia

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Cleaning Day..

Well since I worked yesterday and my mother in law and sister in law were in town I got no housework done the last few days and let me tell you... with 2 dogs living in the house in the Texas heat, there is A LOT of hair! Geez... I am still amazed at how much hair they can shed daily. So this morning I was terrible but my OCD kicked in and I asked Michael if I could skip church to start my marathon "spring cleaning". So far so good. I just reorganized Ezra's closet and chest of drawers trying to clean out all the too small stuff and next I'm going to tackle the mountain of laundry and ironing. We went to the Fort Worth Arts Festival yesterday and Michael forgot both Ezra's stroller and Baby Bjorn (I met him straight after work) so my arms are already KILLING me from lugging around all of his wiggly 22 pounds. We had a good time and I saw a few other transracial families which always makes me smile. Of course Ezra was a little ladies man and got several oohs and aaahs ;) My friend Kim Kulp is HOME with Micah!!! I'm so excited for their adoption journey to be over for now. But my other friend Sherry Semlow FINALLY goes to court April 23rd so keep her in your prayers please. She got her referral at the same time as Kim and I for 3 siblings and they have been in he transition home for I believe a YEAR!
Here are a few new pics of Ezra playing Peek-a-boo on the stairs with Michael.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

A day in the sun...

Today Saycee' brought Ezra a new swimming pool for Easter!!! Here are some pics of the fun!!!

Future Heisman trophy winner!!

Don't mess with me, I know karate!

Monday, April 13, 2009

More doctors...

Well today I went to see my GI surgeon for a recheck since my upper GI pain has not improved since my gall bladder was removed. He drew more blood (5th time in 2 months) and is sending me to another specialist next Monday. I am just so thankful that I have a healthy husband and child b/c it would be such a hassle if they weren't well. Between myself and Ezra I think every week we have at least one doctor/dentist appt. In 2 weeks I have my last appt. to finish my root canal thought so at least that's something to check off the list. I pray that this next doctor can figure out what is going on and fix me b/c I'm soooooo over being in pain all the time. The only plus is that I've lost 6 pounds since my last visit. I'm really wanting to start training for a half marathon though so I just need to get all my issues fixed so I can pursue that. Now I don't pretend to be an athlete or a runner, but I watched a documentary, "The Spirit of the Marathon", and seeing these father/daughter teams run 26.2 miles was very inspiring. I like to challenge myself and I need a goal to really stick to an exercise regimen so I hope that soon I will be able to start training. My mom gave us a little 3 wheeler stroller jogger so Michael and I can take Ezra with us.
A quick prayer request: Michael takes the GMAT for TCU's M.B.A program on Thursday and I just would like to ask for everyone's prayers that he will feel relaxed and confident and do well enough to be admitted. Thanks guys!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

He is RISEN!!!

Ezra and Papa Eddy

Ezra and Gammi

Well it was a rainy Easter for us in Fort Worth but fun all the same. We enjoyed a full mass WITH Ezra (usually one of us has to duck out early b/c he's too loud or fussy) but today he was wonderful so it was a blessing to be able to enjoy such a wonderful celebration. Then we went to my mom's house for lunch and we then took my cousins to to see Monsters vs. Aliens (which was pretty cute). I'm super excited b/c 11 of our AWAA families get to meet their kids tomorrow!!! I just still remember so vividly meeting Ezra for the first time and the anticipation driving up to the gate of the transition home. I can't wait to blog stalk and hear all about it. Reading their blogs so far the common theme is the love that the families immediately feel for their childrens' birth country. I have to say that I was the exact same way.. I don't know if it was a God thing, or a reflection of my love for Ezra but the minute I set food in Ethiopia I was just elated. I loved it there and didn't want to have to leave. Of course I could live without the traffic and the pollution but overall it just felt like home to me. I think that's why it's hard for me to consider adopting again from somewhere else. Michael really feels drawn to South America but my heart is in Africa. I know the Lord's plan for us will be revealed but for now we're just loving on Ezra and are sooo happy to be parents.
In the pictures below you'll see what we from south Louisiana call "pokking eggs". Basically two people compete to see who's egg is the strongest. It's a lot of fun with younger kids especially when someone tries to be sneaky and use a goose or guinea egg. I just thought I'd include these pics so people could get a little bit of Cajun culture.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Doctor's visit...

This morning we had Ezra's 10 month check up and he is now in the 50th percentile for this height and weight and the 30th percentile for his head circumference!!! Yea!!! He's now 21#'s and I feel every one of them! He's grown 1 1/2 inches in 6 weeks. I was hoping it would be more but maybe next time. More good news is that my dear friend Kim Kulp and her family with FINALLY be traveling to Ethiopia to pick up their son Micah pictured with Ezra below. We got our referrals at the same time and it's taken them MONTHS longer to pass court but the finally did. YEA!!! And this Friday they leave D.C to meet their little guy. WE LOVE YOU MICAH!!!

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Little helper...

As I type this Ezra is sitting on my lap trying to "help" me typ6--> the "6" is courtesy of Ezra. Geez... we couldn't wait for him to start crawling and now I'm like... noooooooooo!!!!! hahahaha. He was so bad at church today I had to walk out into the lobby area and he was sitting up playing with a palm leaf (Palm Sunday and all) and he fell and cracked his head on the concrete floor and he was wailing. Michael comes running wondering why he's screaming bloody murder and I'm the embarrased/guilty feeling mom trying my best to divert his attention to get him to stop screaming. Poor thing. Of course he's fine now and back to his exploring ways. Here are a few new pics of our little guy! He's just getting too big too fast :)

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Easter surprise

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my friend Christina Ochoa who lives in Corpus Chrisi. A little backstory is needed here.... when I was a Junior in high scool I went to Hawaii to cheer for the Aloha Bowl as an All-American Cheerleader and there I met Christina. We exchanged info and have remained pan pals ever since but have never seen each other again. I just thinks it's really neat that we have been able to continue this friendship over the last 11 years and she's so sweet to have sent Ezra all these goodies. To take the time to make Ez the little confetti eggs is just too much! Christina thank you SO much for being such a great friend over all these years!