Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Blog buttons for America World

America World (our adoption agency) asked me to design some blog buttons for the new web site. If you are an AWAA family I encourage you to copy and paste of the of codes below to your blog to show your support of our agency :)
These 2 are more very simple and conservative, but there will be a more fun/creative button coming in the next week so keep checking back to see if you rather that one.

Option #1

Option #2

Another new blog creation:

Another new blog creation for your viewing pleasure! Another of my new favorites!

Monday, August 30, 2010

We hit a milestone!

I am thrilled to report that since I added my blog hit counter several months ago we have hit the 10K mark for our visitors! YEA! Thanks to everyone out there in the bloggy world for stopping by :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Gorgeous new blogs

If you click on the buttons above, you'll be redirected to 2 different blogs I made today. I LOVE THEM! Both are very different and very chic. If you like what you see, please don't hesitate to contact me to revamp your blog's look!

One of my favorites!

I'm working on a blog for a client and I just really love this header. I still haven't even got the approval of the client so it may be changed in the long run but I really liked the whole vintage world travel theme.
If you like what you see and are in need of a blog makeover please comment me and I can hook you up!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

We will be featured...

Another web site has asked us to join their blog reference list! YEA!!! My blog design buisness will be featured on this website along with other buisnesses that are adoption related.
It's an adorable site and I recommend everyone check it out:


Huge giveaway!

Recently I was contacted by a fellow adoptive family about donating some items to a blog giveaway. There are lots of goodies in this basket and everyone should check it out. Go to http://www.themathewsfam.net/2010/08/gigantic-giveaway-yay.html to get a sneak peak!

We're now in Iowa!

So technically WE are not physically in Iowa but our Adopt Africa magnet is :) Thanks to Christy Hanna for showing her support of adoption and congrats on the newest addition!

Check it out!

We are back from Cancun and it was amazing! More on that later. Now I want to tell you about a cool site that we were asked to be featured on. It's called adoptionexperiences.com and features articles on adoption and blog posts from adoptive families all over. I guess our blog caught someone's eye which is quite cool I must say and hopefully we'll see our little Ezra's face on the site soon. Click on the photo below to be redirected to the site and check it out.

Monday, August 16, 2010

A little funny for you!

So tonight Michael asked Ezra if he wanted to go to a National Park in the Fall. Ezra responded with "No" (not surprising since he really didn't expect him to know what he was talking about). So then Micheal said, "Buddy, you don't even know what I'm asking you, "do you want me to give you a billion dollars?". Ezra didn't hesitate with his answer, this time he said, "I do". hahahaha we were rolling. Then he finished it off by saying, "I'm funny!". The kid only turned 2 in June. It's amazing to me that he's so smart and he's only been around for 2 years.

Customizable blog headers

I posted a few "pre-made" headers on the adoptafrica blog. If you see something you like let me know and we can work toward "pimping" your blog :) Click on the image below to be redirected to my design blog.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Our newest addition...

We got a call about an orphaned baby squirrel Friday at my clinic and now he's the newest Burk! At least until he is old enough to release. Ezra loves him but hasn't really got the whole "gentle" thing down pat.

Sleepy boys :)


Here are some pics of my 30th birthday party at Pete's Dueling Piano Bar in downtown Fort Worth last night! Lots of fun with great friends and great music!

For those at the office what's written in pen is an inside joke but what is written in sharpie (our mis-spelled name) is hillarious. How would one even pronounce this?? BYRH... hmmm.. very interesting.

I have my computer back!

Geezz.. I feel like I've been seperated from my arm for 2 weeks! I finally got my computer back though at a high price. The cost of the repair wound up being more then the cost of the computer but I had no other options and at least now I can start doing more digital designs, YEA!!!

Monday, August 9, 2010

Prayer request...

So I know it may seem selfish, but please pray for THIS...

so we can go HERE...

Michael's passport is currently in limbo trying to get a visa for him to go HERE:

and we now have 10 days before we leave and still no passport :(

Michael doped up...

This morning Michael had his wisdom teeth pulled. I was prepared with my cell phones camcorder but didn't manage to get any funny moments. I honestly was very unprepared for how sad I would be seeing him so vulnerable. In our 6 years of marriage I have always been the one having surgery, etc. so I've never seen him loopy. When they called me back he was still VERY out of it. I honestly didn't think he was ready to go home but they were rushing us out of the room. They wheeled him to my car, shoved him inside, and then the fun began.

Me: Babe, are you okay? Are you in pain?
Michael: (through a mouth full of gauze dripping blood) - I'm okay... it was fun.
Me: What was fun? How was it fun?
Michael: Well they like... give you a shot... then they do stuff... and it's just fun.

Michael then begins trying to put down the visor and misses like 12 times before I can help him. Apparently he wants to look in the mirror, but only manages to slide it open and closed several time.

Then he starts singing..

Michael: "you take him high, you take him low, you take J.C where ever you go(This is the same song that we watched the youtube video of with the girl you talks about unicorns, etc. that was featured on Ellen...)
Michael: I think the Vicodin is kicking in."
Me: no babe, I think what you're feeling is all the other stuff they gave you.

He quickly switches over to asking me if he has gauze in his mouth. I tell him yes that there's gauze and he shouldn't be talking. He then passes out.

15 minutes later we arrive home and I try to help him out of the car:
Michael: I can walk.
Me: okay but I'm just going to hold on to you anyway.

He then stumbles out of the car and shuffles along like a 98 year old. BUT when we get into the middle of the kitchen floor he starts this bopping motion (if you have a toddler you know what I mean. It's that squatting motion that they do when they are dancing to music). THEN he stars to shake his butt and move his arms.

Michael: I'm dancing!
Me: Great babe, but lets get you to bed and you can dance later okay.

Michael then plops on the bed with his head facing the footboard.

Me: Babe, you're facing the wrong way.
Michael: What?
Me: you're facing the wrong way.
Michael: Like Picasso?
Me: What did you say?
Michael: My face is the wrong way, like Picasso?
Me: NO NO your head is the wrong way you need to turn around.

Please pray for my computer :)

So a week ago today my computer died. Ezra had stepped on it and cracked the case where the battery charger plugs in but I had managed to figure out how to manipulate it to still be able to charge. Well Michael decided that he wanted to use my computer but he does not have my "mad skills" and thought if he used more force that the machine would ultimately lose and have to submit. The machine, not to be outdone sacrificed itself for it's pride and is currently still in computer heaven. So I '911-ed' the computer to Best Buy, and the "Geek Squad" guy just took one look at the computer and one look at me (already misty eyed) and couldn't even bare to tell me the bad news. He said he'd have to send it to Kansas to have a diagnostic (diagnostic?? I just need a new case right?) and then they'd call me with the price to fix it which he assured me was likely going to be VERY expensive. So for SEVEN days I've been LOST w/o my computer. I've got at least a dozen design orders and EVERYTHING is on that computer.
Tonight I got a voice mail from the Geeks at Best Buy to tell me that the cost of the repair is $509.00!!!!!!!!!!!! That's more then the cost of the computer!
So the plan for tomorrow is to call every computer repair shop I can find and see if there are any less expensive options. C'est trop cher!!!! Je veux queleque chose de moins cher si possible. (it's too expensive! I want something less expensive if possible)

I watched "An Education" tonight. I thought it was great and I just adored how she used her French in conversation. Tres chic! I love French and though I do little refresher courses via a cassette tape and la radio dans moi voiture (the radio in my car) I forget it quite quickly.