Sunday, August 28, 2011

Super cute new blog design

Tawny and her family are adopting a child from DRC and she wanted a new blog to journal about their new journey. Click on the button below to see her new look.

Great daily deal for mommy calling cards

Last month I joined an online resource kind of like Group-On or The Foundary, or Eziba... basically it's a site that e-mails daily sales but the sales are on handmade goods that you'd find on etsy sites. Honestly I've never been inclined to buy anything until today.
The site is called Very Jane and today's item are these too cute for words calling cards. 20 customized cards for $10.00.

Happy shopping!

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Complete blog FREEBIE!

So I recently designed a blog that I actually was crazy about but the "client" failed to submit payment for the work done, so after over a month of trying to collect funds I've decided to off the elements from the blog to you guys for FREE! I hate for the elements to go to waste. Just click on any of the images below to enlarge them and then save to your computer as .png files (that's how they are here so just don't change the file type) then you can just add text to customize for your own blog.

What it looks like all together:

Click HERE to be redirected to Shabby Blogs to get the back ground code.

Blog header:

(this header is 950 pixels wide, honestly I can't remember what I had to resize it to to fit within the borders of this background so you may have to shrink it up some)

Blog Button:

Blog Signature/post divider:

Another option for a signature/post divider:

Blog side bar titles:

If you use this design please let me know so I can go and check out your new look.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Scentsy Giveaway!

A while back a good friend of mine who's also a Scentsy Consultant donated a warmer for the giveaway I was having for Children's Hopechest - BUT I didn't get it in time to include in the raffle.
Well I've had this burner with the intention of hosting a giveaway for a while and I'm FINALLY getting around to it.
If you aren't familiar with Scentsy let me just say... WOW.. I LOVE them! I am not an aeromatherapy type gal, I don't burn candles or anything like that. I never thought I'd have a drawer brimming over with scents but I'm totally addicted. I have 2 large burners and 2 votive plug-ins in each bathroom.
I actually get giddy when new scents come out especially around the Fall and Christmas! So of course I'm thrilled to share the love of Scentsy with you guys as well.
This giveaway features 2 scents, "lots of love", and "radiance"

as well as this "Moroccan" burner:

To enter to win just leave a comment below about what your favorite Scentsy scent is or what scent you're drawn to most as well as your e-mail address. For an extra chance to win you can also become a follower of the blog. Just mention that you're a new follower in your comment as well as your e-mail address.

Invitation freebie printable

I recently made this invitation for a friends of mine for a bridal shower. Her wedding has a rustic theme with sunflowers, vintage prints, raw wood, etc. The template was downloaded from Staples web site if you're interested in adding your own text and having them printed.

Just click on the image to enlarge and save to your computer then add text!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Here's an update on the baby...

So the plan right now is to have the baby's CPS worker from Houston bring her to our home NEXT Friday. We will keep her through the weekend and if all goes well we'll sign the paperwork on MONDAY! I can hardly believe it! We still have to wait 6 months to adopt her to establish abandonment but after that she's ours!!!

Last night we were talking to Ezra about babies and asking him some questions like:

Me: Ezra, what color will be baby be?
E: Green.
Me: hmmmm... okay, well what will the baby look like?
E: Round.

I plan to get him a book or two today about adding a baby to the family since I know it will not be a transition he will take gracefully. Any suggestions?

Sunday, August 21, 2011


A few months ago I hosted a giveaway on the blog to benefit Children's Hopechest in Ethiopia and once of the donors was Jen Hatmaker. Jen is an author of several books and she's also an adoptive mother. Her family's struggle with the Ethiopian court system to adopt a 7 year old boy is known to many in the adoption community, but I myself hadn't read the full story until today. You HAVE to read Jen's latest post as it's both hilarious and heart wrenching at the same time.

Beniam Hatmaker

It really speaks to me about God's love for His children and the continuous struggle to live a Christian life and follow His commands even when we think it's impossible, unreasonable, or that we won't last another day.
Their adoption story is one of redemption, mercy, and grace and luckily there's a happy ending. :)

Back to school digital freebies!

So since I know our public schools are starting back up tomorrow I decided to make some school themed freebies for ya. Just click on the images below to enlarge then save to your computer and add your own photos in any editing software. If you guys don't know how to do that just let me know and I'll create a tutorial to show you how.

How to create a faux distressed look for $4.99!

Click on the image to enlarge:

Hey guys, well I'm here to show you how you can create a faux distressed look on any moulding for only $4.99.
This morning I was browsing the web before church and I ran across a blog that had an image of a distressed framed mirror and I thought the look would be perfect for one of the mirrors I just framed out using the steps seen HERE from a previous post.
The mirror is almost 9 feet long and Lowes didn't carry wood moulding of the width that I needed to frame it out so we had to buy primed moulding which meant I couldn't stain it the dark color I wanted... bummer... so instead we just painted it the same color as the rest of the trim in the house.
Since we completed the project I just look at it an it's a total snooze! I hate that it's so plain, SO when I saw the distressed mirror this morning I thought - That's it! that's how I'll spice it up.
So after church we went over to heaven (AKA Michael's craft supply store) and I purchased this little container of Distress Ink in "frayed burlap".

To apply the ink, all you do is press the ink pad to the top of the moulding, then with EVEN pressure and in ONE stroke go down the moulding in sections to apply the ink.

(if you start and stop or adjust the pressure it will show breaks in the line and look messy).

The finished look up close:

I love how even after 2 coats of primer and 2 coats of paint the ink still picks up the grain of the wood.

The best part about this product is that it wipes right off if you mess up. I think I must have wiped off my first 20 or so attempts until I found out what pressure worked best for the look I was going for. Total time for this project was about 10 minutes for a 9X4 frame. So easy, so cheap, and no sanding required!

Friday, August 19, 2011

My plan for Libby Caroline's new room

I fell in love with some fabric almost a year ago and knew that if I ever got a girl that I'd want to use the color scheme and print to decorate her room so I just went ahead and bought it right then. Now that we've been blessed with Libby I want to be proactive in planning the decor for her room. Here's what I've got so far:

Click on the image to enlarge:

I'd also like to rip out the carpet in her room and instead put in some wood/laminate flooring. Something like the images below:

I've pinned pretty much every element in this collage on my pinterest page if you're interested in finding out where these things can be found. I also found most of the items on a fabulous nursery decorating web site HERE.

The boy LOVES hats!

How do you keep your kid from wipping their nose on their shirt or on you?? Tie a bandana around their neck instead. Unless said child is Ezra, then it becomes a du-rag (spelling?) Poor little nose :(

A living/breathing Mr. Potato Head:

Geaux Tigers!!!
This is actually a stuffed animal's cowboy hat but Ezra wears it ALL the time:

My fedora is ruined. Ezra has claimed it as his own and the wire rim is finished. It went from fedora to safari hat.

New badge design and a freebie

I wanted to create a new blog badge for my adopt africa site and I decided to include it as a blank freebie for you guys as well. This one is 500 pixels wide so it will need to be resized to fit into your side bar once you're done editing it.

Thursday, August 18, 2011

This could get out of hand...

Aren't these head pieces just delicious! You can find the links to the etsy stores on my pinterest page.

Another announcement

So aside from our really big news I also wanted to let you guys know that I am now an official designer for The Cutest Blog on the Block. You can see my new bio on their web page HERE.
I won't be taking custom orders from their site just yet b/c it sounds like we may have our baby girl w/in the next 2-3 weeks which means I'll be super busy getting the house ready, etc. Once I start taking orders I'll let you guys know. Also I'll still be doing custom work for Adopt Africa Designs as well to continue my sponsorship of the kiddos in Ethiopia.

We have an announcement...

I am very happy to say that after 2 failed selection hearings that our family has been chosen for a 3 month old baby girl! I honestly have been hesitant to say anything and didn't even announce that we were selected for the hearing mainly b/c it's such a let down to not get picked. So though I'm super excited for our family I also can totally empathize with the 2 families who weren't selected b/c we've been in their shoes.
This baby's adoption is a bit different as it's considered a "low-legal risk" vs. matched adoption and there will be more legal hoops to jump through so even though I am saying that we were selected the adoption will take 6-8 months to finalize AND first we have to meet her and make sure that we mesh and ensure that we will be the best parents for her.

I covet your prayers and ask that you would pray that God's will be done and no matter what.

Digital "Left Overs"...

I was going through my files deleting out old stuff today and before I delete some of these I wanted to offer them to you guys. These are either parts of designs I've done and not used or just didn't finish. Edit and use them however you like. Just click on the image to enlarge then save to your computer.

This is sized to be a blog header:
This one had lots of different applications:

This one is meant to be a blog header as well, but you could make it into a badge for your side bar.
Here's a little post divider/border for ya:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Rocket ship digi freebie

Here's a little quick page freebie for ya. Just click on the image to enlarge then save to your computer and add your own photos and text in any photo editing software.

Here is the version without the added word art:

With word art:

Here's the word art by itself:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

How to even up your date header and post title in blogger

One of the things I change most often when doing blog design is evening up the date header with the post title. As seen in the image below you can see that there appears to be a tab on the post title but the date header is left justified. Here's how you can easily even them up.

Simple click on "edit HTML" from your design page, then scroll through all of the HTML code until see the section for "posts" (it will be right after "widgets" but before "footer". Once you're in that section of code then look for the portion of code seen in the image below.

Once you find this code simply change the number in the highlighted portion from
-15px to 0px. BEFORE saving click "preview" to make sure that you like what you see. If so, then simply click "save template" and you're done!